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**This package is available at $75.99 as a limited time offer. In June the price will increase to $99.99 and it will be called the Gold Package.


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Talent Search Extravaganza                         April 27th 2013

THE CLUB Website:
4829 W. 76th Street Burbank, IL. 60459

• The first SUPER package consists of a performance which is $350, a suite for $250, display table for $100, one video copy for peformance which comes with all performances,along with the conference and workshop is $60, and after party, which comes to a total of $1000. The early bird special is $750.

• The second package is a peformance and suite for a total of $600. The early bird special is $550.

• The third package is peformance which is $350 with display table $150 for a total of $500. The early bird special is $ 450.

• The fouth package is the artist Performance & Conference and workshop, for a total of $450.The early bird special is $350.

Until April the 25th 2013 (Extended) The early bird specials! After is $450 And we have added a Promo Code: (P2P Radio) Ten Slots Left!
This will Knock $50 dollar's  off of the $350 Package at checkout!

Call 1-(800) 684-0431 For more info about our LIVE PANEL for this Event.

 Pay2playradio Talent Search Extravaganza 2013.   Major Record Labels & Independents Labels 

Sony A&R Super producer: Roney Hooks, His contributions are many, Some are Mariah Carey, Bel Biv Devo, IceCube, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys and Baby face, Shalimar, and Alexander O'Neal and Kathy Sledge. Roney has Produced right along side the world renowed Grammy Award Winning Executive producers Quincy Jones and Micheal Jackson...26 years , and counting. He has builded his credits to the point that now he works from his own Independent record label, with Sony Legenary producer's & Artists from Sony and other Major Labels & Independents when they can get their hands on him. Roney is here only to look for great new Talent to sign to either His Label or his parent company Sony/RCA Records along with his own Radio Stations network. Roney went into heavy negotiations with Benny Medina and Clive Davis of CBS & Sony Records and who has been his parent companys who he signs new artists too.

Latoria Smith, I am the Vice President of SMG Global South Network. SMG Global Network is a fast growing music company in the nation and we are the 3rd largest independent music in the world. We distribute through Universal Digital Music Group. Our company is a diverse and multicultural. Gospel, Spoken word, Gospel Rap, Rock, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop. We only work with serious artists who are dedicated and willing to go to the next step. Our artists are our #1 priority. Get Global or Stay Local.

Julian Boothe, Vice president A&R of Slip N Slide records whos' parent company is Universal Records, credits are Rick Ross, Trina and Plies. And Julian is looking forTalented artists that he may use as opening acts for Rick Ross, Little Wayne, Trina and others and he too! Is looking to groom and build up new artists for Major Labels as well as Slip & Slide Records Label which is owned by recording artist Trina Julian Said: I know a lot of you don't have the money to do this your self. But I will take a few of you and turn you into one of the world greats. That's why I will be here at this Talent Search. If you got what it takes! I will do the Rest? 

Frita Mitchell World renowned gospel prodigy and record label owner (Deliverance Gospel record ) This Grammy Award winning Artist contributions are unbelievable astonishing tributes are legenary and are many to list. She is now looking to sign new gospel artists to her record label which has recongnition world wide and now she is trying looking for Gospel rappers & Singers. 

 A.J. Williams owner of is helping new artists Market & Promote and sell their Brand and Name as an new independent recording artists. A.j Williams will Place your music on world wide internet radio set you up with your own website and you own Clothing line as a conglomerate in the industry market. Pay2playradio will get you Airplay & Live Interveiws that can and will be heard world wide. A.j. Wiliams Put all this together, to help all artist around the world. Regardless of what genre of Music or preference you may have as a artists.

3G's Promotions & Productions.3G's contributions are: Marketing,Counseling & Planning Events,Advertisting & Networking Artists Careers, Including: Printing, Poster,Flyers, Graphic designs, Even placing you with A&R from Major record labels, Yes putting even your music in the hands or top flight A&R's from around the country.

This Conference & Work Shop is for serious Artists Only! 

Doors open at,  the conference and workshops start at 5:30 to, doors re-open at 6:30, 7:00 to 10:00 is the artist performance, 10:00 to is when the after party begins featuring:

Power 92. Dj J.Grigdes & WGCI Dj Jamal Smallz  

Entry is $25 at door & $20 online, tickets limited while they last.

Special Hot Dj's  Radio Personalities Power 92. & Wgci - Radio Personality Hosting Event! Click here to purchase your package.

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Get your hot music played 24/7 with US! And Live Interviews, And get your own Network website from us. Get help with Record Deal? Know Games. There's is a finder Fee? Once we help get you a deal? We are working with different A&R's from different record labels (800) 684-0431 Music must be clean And radio ready Only! Send Press Kit To: PAY2PLAYRADIO.LLC P.O.BOX 2009 CALUMET CITY ILL 60409  Send Bio, Pictures,Music.Songs sent should not be no more than six songs,This is know game, start your career.  Send your clean music to: Mp3 format.

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